Cariso at Milpitas, CA, USA

This is all about cariso's adventure in Milpitas, California of USA during Jun/Jul 2006 (3-week-stay). She flied there alone. She went for food hunting alone. She drove to work alone. Syiok! She travelled to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Sausalito, Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, LA-Universal Studio and Santa Monica. SAN FRANCISCO is cool man! She loves it!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Two more left

Today I found these two photos leh at ppl's folder. Hmm..kinda late but nvm lah. :)

On the way cycling to the Golden Gate. *Siao liao me, wearing jeans for cycling, so ugly look leh, so 'pak' (tight) one*
cycling to golden gate
Strong wind blowing at Hoover Dam.
hoover dam strong wind


Friday, July 07, 2006

My rewards

My rewards:

1x Levis jeans (my first Levis), 1x jiao-jiao shirt and 1x long sleeve bare back (USD3.00 only).


Some food brought back to PEN.

Some items that I brought back.
What I brought back

On my last week, I started to plan out where to have my dinner for the next five days. PEN ppl asked me to go eat here. "MUST go and eat". It ended up disappointing lah. The dishes were small leh (compared to the usual american serving size here), like that was considered expensive already loh right?! The garlic bread is very special (right upper pic), 'bun' shape and very soft!

Red Lobster

If I were to know earlier, I have better gone to Happy Buffet! It’s a waste that I did not have the chance to take the photos of Happy Buffet. It's my favourite! I went there three times altogether within 3 weeks! Once I was there I could not even remember to take food photos already. So can you imagine how 'kum kum chaeng' was I when I was seated there?! Ha!
*Happy buffet mentioned in Las Vegas Day*


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Last day at San Francisco

My last day. Must go and eat my spaghetti at San Francisco lah of course!
Finally I was able to snap a clear pic of Alcatraz port. Bay cruises and ferries are available here.


I did not have the chance to hop on this. So snap a photo with it, dah!
Hop on Hop off

Pier 39
Pier 39

Pier 39

 Pier 39

 Pier 39

 Pier 39

 Pier 39

 Pier 39

 Pier 39

 Pier 39

I visited Café 8 again. I missed its combo seafood spaghetti with big scallops leh! What to do...

Café 8


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Santa Monica - Pacific Park

We drove to Santa Monica beach after finished ronda at Hollywood. Ai....It's a waste lah not able to make it to San Diego Sea World but then since time did not allow us for a full day play at San Diego, we opted for this Santa Monica loh.

Pacific Park at Santa Monica.

Pacific Park

Santa Monica
Santa Monica

I turned darker after this trip. All thanks to the walking and cycling activities during NOON time lah. All thanks to their day time so long one lah. :) Sky turned bright from 5.30a.m.- 6a.m. Day still bright till 8p.m. Their 8p.m. was like our 6p.m.

On the night we went back to MP we had our dinner at this Darda Seafood Restaurant (清真一条龙)(296, Barber Court, MP, CA 95035). It is halal one. It has good reputation here. FULL house everyday at night. Got to take number. This dinner was really filling and worthwhile.

Darda Seafood Restaurant